Thursday, 18 July 2013


- HED_Hair_Colour_Vector: Base hair colour.
- Highlight1Color: Highlight1 colour on top of base.
- Highlight2Color: Highlight2 colour on top of base too. By default this is much larger than 1 and should therefore be more visible. HL 1 & 2 seem to go pretty much in the same places, which means that if you use different colours for each then they will mix according to RGB rules. Keep in mind if you see a colour you didn't intend to make.
- Highlight1Intensity:  Scalar that adjusts HL1.
- Highlight2Intensity: Same as for HL 1.
- Highlight1SpecExp_Scalar: Adjusts the spec light on HL1.
- Highlight2SpecExp_Scalar: Adjusts the spec light on HL2.
Changing the SpecExp to a large value will give it more focus, like a highlighted band across the hair. A lower value will spread the light over a larger area.
- If you don't want highlights at all try putting HL1 & 2 to same as base hair colour, and turning down the HL intensities.
- Hairstyles: If you want to know how to change your hairstyle take a look at ELE08's great guide:

Base hair red, HL1 blue, HL2 same as base red = 1+2 will mix and you end up with a little purple highlight:

Strong blue highlight, looks kinda messy without any finesse adjusting:

Warmer blonde. Using a dark orange as base colour, highlights normal blonde colours. The base will be faintly visible under the highlights giving the hair some "warmth".

Simple green base hair colour:

Blue white glow, using really large values for the base hair colour:

Even bigger values making it really glow "radioactive":

Here I've used a really darkblue base colour. Black & white highlights. Turned the HLintensity scalar down alot. Then increased the HLSpecExp scalars to really bring out the specular white line mixed with the black.

Same here. Changed the SpecExp scalar of the white down to make it spread out over a larger area, giving it the overall white shine. Looks a bit like the hair is white with darkblue highlights, although it's the opposite.

Attempting metallic colouring.
Base grey colour, HL black & white. HLintensities low, larger HL-spec to spread the white along with the black. Looks OK in normal light, but stronger white lights will bring out the base grey quite a bit ( for example when visiting the Citadel).

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  1. Hey. I've tried to create Dark Blue Hair with some Silver Stripes on it. Failed in a way that got Dark Blue Hair, but some strange Glowy Parts came to front & back :/ Taking Illusive Man's eyes worked, but weird how Facial Hair turned to weird light brown. I would love to have Panther Like eyes what have Purple Iris :)

    Here's image of my Failed Creation: I hope you could help me with creating silver stripes to hair. I saw the image above on this page, but i don't know how to do it via "Appearance Tab at Gibbed" :(

    Wish you good week and rest of the 2016 & succesful 2017 :) Kind Regards: Terry