Thursday, 18 July 2013


- HED_Addn_Colour_Vector: Base eyebrow colour.
- blonde: Also eyebrow colour. Seems to go on top of the base.
- HED_Addn_Colour_02_Scalar: Gives more colour to base, but any changes here look mostly horrid in my opinion. Textures look ugly and such.
- HED_Addn_Blowout_Scalar: Changes the size of the eyebrow. A large value will make it look like you painted your eyebrows with a big paintbrush.
- Styling: Guide to applying a different eyebrow.

Funny effect:
If "blonde" has a different colour and "blowout" is big enough. Then together they will make an effect that looks like you've used a marker pen to paint your eyebrows. Will include a picture of this effect below with the other examples.

Blowout set to large value "Paintbrush effect":

blonde and base using different colours together with a large blowout giving the "Marker pen effect":

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