Thursday, 18 July 2013


- EYE_White_Colour_Vector: The white colour around the iris.
- EYE_Iris_Colour_Vector: Colour the iris itself.

Eye_white is black and the iris is orange:

The Illusive Man eyes:
- Slightly different than normal eyes.
- EYE_Iris_Spec_Colour: Spec glow in the eye. Changes here doesn't seem to really do anything.
- EYE_Iris_Colour_Vector: Base Iris colour.
- Emis_Color: The colour of the 3 dots.
- Emis_Scalar: Adjusts the Emis_Color.

Iris set to green, Emis to purple, and a fairly large Emis_Scalar to make the purple visible, otherwise it would be pretty faint and disappear into the green.

Zaeed eyes:
- Haven't personally used these myself yet. But the options seem similar to the other eyes.
- Hopefully I'll have time to play with these at some point.


  1. How do you add both Emis and Iris color fields to vector parameters? I try adding one or the other, and it won't let me edit the value.

    1. You need to use Gibbed's ME3 save editor to give yourself the Illusive Man's eyes.

      Open your savefile with Gibbed and go to Player -> Appearance -> Presets -> Open from file.. it should open a dialogue that lets you pick presets to apply to your Shepard. Go in to the Eye folder and open one of the presets for The Illusive Man. Once that is done you should now be able to find the right vector and scalar parameters that can be edited to whatever values you want.